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  • Rochelle’s Daily Wire: Editor-at-Large Bill Rochelle is known for his masterful takes on legal developments affecting bankruptcy practice. Bill provides expert analyses of the most influential consumer and business cases from courts at all levels in a daily ABI blog, Rochelle's Daily Wire — emailed to subscribers first thing every weekday morning to keep them in the know.
  • Voloprovides the timeliest bankruptcy decisions from the U.S. Courts of Appeal and the Bankruptcy Appellate Courts. Volunteers provide a summary of each new opinion within 24 hours of their release. Members can also subscribe to email alerts from the circuits that interest them most.
  • Case research (Opinions & Law Sites): searchable and customizable databases sure to save you time and money.  Search opinions issued by U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeals since 2005. Or search and annotate the most current versions of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and Rules, along with local codes notated with relevant case summaries for each corresponding Code section.
  • ABI Journal: our monthly flagship publication is a great way to stay on top of bankruptcy developments, news, and best practices. The Journal’s original, member-written articles present new challenges and solutions that insolvency professionals face in their daily practice.
  • NewslettersOur daily and weekly newsletters keep you informed about all the latest developments in the field.

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